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Uniformed Wardens

We provide uniformed wardens to help your car park run smoothly. In addition to their regular enforcement duties, they are trained in assisting anyone needing extra help, such as the elderly, disabled, or those with young children.

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We’re BPA Approved

As a BPA approved and licensed operator you can be sure that all our services are implemented to the highest standards and in accordance with the law.

Free Equipment & Installation

Not only do we manage your parking spaces free of charge, we also provide and install all necessary equipment at no cost to you. Our service is hassle-free and does not disrupt your business operations.

Our highly trained Uniformed Wardens

In addition to their regular duties, our wardens are trained and experienced in assisting your shoppers, the disabled, the elderly, parents with young children and anyone else who may need help in your car park.

Additional Security

Our uniformed wardens add an extra security presence to your car park. Your customers and clients know that their cars are being monitored closely while they are in your establishment.

Busy Periods

Directing cars to vacant spots on busy days such as bank holidays or Christmas is also paramount to your car park running smoothly and removes the additional stress of cars simply going around in circles trying to find a vacant spot.

Our wardens are also rotated on a frequent basis so that they gain vast amounts of different types of experiences from shopping centers to retail parks, hotels, leisure centers, pubs, government buildings, warehouses, business parks and more.


Our wardens are absolutely trained to be non-confrontational, helpful, and sensitive and caring to your customers as well as ensuring your car park is running correctly.

We are confident the way our car parking attendant teams approach any car parking situations is both professional and correct thus allowing you to take care of your business without the concerns of what is going on in the car park – just knowing we are there for you gives you a sense of well being.

In addition, where necessary our wardens can issue parking charge notices to ensure the smooth running of your car park.

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