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Pay by Phone Car Park Solution

Pay by Phone allows your customers and clients to pay without using cash, and without needing to return to their vehicles to pay for more parking time.

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We’re BPA Approved

As a BPA approved and licensed operator you can be sure that all our services are implemented to the highest standards and in accordance with the law.

Free Equipment & Installation

Not only do we manage your parking spaces free of charge, we also provide and install all necessary equipment at no cost to you. Our service is hassle-free and does not disrupt your business operations.

How Pay by Phone Works

The driver registers the vehicle by phone once it arrives at the car park.
The parking session is initiated once the driver dictates the amount of time the parking session will last.
The driver can also add on additional time or extend the parking session if needed remotely by phone.
No need to call us when the driver leaves as our ANPR system will notify us
Customers don’t need to search for pay stations or keep track of their entry tickets

Pay-by-phone parking from the customer’s perspective

There is no longer a need to have change, coins or indeed any currency at all.

We can also arrange for customers to be able to monitor their expenses.

In short we are able to provide pay-by-phone service customers records for each account explaining the duration of the stay and location number for each parking session as well as any expenses that may have been paid.

As a by-product sometimes there may be reduced traffic as it is simpler to pay and quicker.

During peak periods or holiday periods we can adjust the timings and the rate of the stay. That way we can manage spaces more efficiently and increase revenue for our clients.

Parking charges vary from each car park rangeing from 60p to £3.50 per hour, our web based app will take you to our secure paypal payment gateway

A driver can receive a text message informing him that his parking time is about to expire. He then has the opportunity to pay for more time remotely, with no need to return to his car.

Car park running costs are reduced considerably using Pay by Phone since there is no need for attendants, cash collections or servicing payment machines. In addition, drivers are no longer able to abuse the system by parking for longer than their allotted time without paying.

What you get

No cash required
Pay from any phone
Reminder text sent to you
Simple quick and easy to use
All signage erected, free
24/7 Customer Service

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