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Car Park Barriers

While the majority of drivers obey car park rules, some people try to avoid paying fees or attempt to park without permission. That means not only reduced income for the car park owner, but also fewer available spaces for revenue-generating customers. Installing a durable car park barrier is a reliable, effective solution to these problems.

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Unauthorised Entry

The ultimate goal offered by Elite Parking Management Limited remains the prohibition of unauthorised vehicles from our clients’ car park. Unfortunately, some drivers will watch for unattended, clear pathways for entering a car park without paying or adhering to the car park rules. Car park barriers may be used for preventing vehicles from entering a car park through the exit, which would result in an undocumented use of a car park space causing frustration for your customers.

Prevention of Drivers From Leaving Without Accepting Responsibility for Time Used

Car Park BarriersIn addition to preventing unauthorized entry into the car park, some drivers may attempt to exit the car park without paying, especially when the time constraints of free parking may be drawing to a close. As a result, a car park barrier needs to also exist at the exit point of the car park. This will ensure that drivers comply with the car park rules and pay where appropriate for the time that they parked their vehicle. Sometimes when the driver is not the registered owner of the vehicle, they may neglect to pay for their parking or may even park where they are unwelcome. When such drivers refuse to take responsibility, elite Management Midlands can identify and locate the registered keeper of the vehicle, by use of ANPR cameras in conjunction with the DVLA. The keeper of the vehicle is then held responsible for the parking charges as described within the Protection of Freedoms Act of 2012.

Different Types of Car Park Barriers

Elite Parking Management Limited offers a variety of car park barriers, which rank in security from highly effective to moderately effective. Moderately effective car park barriers would not withstand a vehicle impact if a vehicle operator were to try to drive through the barrier. For example, a drawbridge-style, wooden lever would qualify as a moderately effective car park barrier. Highly effective car park barriers include solid steel or concrete barriers that would extend to physically prevent a vehicle from passing even when the vehicle is forced into the barrier at high speeds or with excessive force. These highly effective barriers may rise up from the ground, move in a horizontal motion to prevent passage, or act as a solid wall between the exterior and interior of the car park. If concerns over narrow vehicles, including bicycles or motorcycles, exist, a solid wall-like car park barrier is advised.

Instead of waiting for drivers to take advantage of un-monitored or non-barricaded entries and exits to your car park, allow  elite Management Midlands to tailor a car park barrier for your needs.

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